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Healthcare Solutions Division

This division focuses on several medical areas.  For example, disaster medicine, we provide  a mobile medical truck that is able to travel to a disaster location and provide needed medical services.  Also, we provide custom medical software that provides doctors, nurses, patients, and administrators the ability to stay up to date on the patients. Also, we provide medical gloves, scanning devices, like a CAT scan machine, saliva medical tests, and PCR tests, just to name a few. We have also created a 24-hour medical call center and a Trying to  Conceive Support Program.

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Global Enviromental Solutions Division

In this division, we provide environmentally friendly solutions like solar panels and wind turbines.  We distribute and reuse EV batteries in people's homes.  Due to the many disasters in Japan, we are able to use a drone to take 3D and 4D images to be able to analyze the terrain for landslide potential to include GIS and CAD software, as an example. Additionally, we have UPS batteries that can be used for computers or other electronic devices and is portable to be able to be used for a larger range of applications. The final example is the UV light air filter system that kills nearly all harmful particles in the air with a large volume output.


International Development Division

Invest in cutting-edge international technological companies.

We believe that diversifying the company internationally, will enhance humanity, the environment, and sustainability of the Earth through innovative and exceptional products and solutions.

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